Cocktail classes & tastings

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Our cocktail classes will make you the star of your next cocktail party!

Mix drinks with our award-winning bar team and learn the tips and tricks of the pros! Don’t worry: You don’t need any prior knowledge, we explain everything in a simple and understandable way and make sure that everyone just has a good time. We offer all our cocktail classes for a minimum of 6 participants and try to make your desired date possible. We are also happy to design a cocktail course according to your wishes.

Cocktail basics

Gin or whisky, shake or stir, long drink or cocktail? This is where you can get the lowdown on the essentials at the bar. In a relaxed atmosphere, our bartenders from Little Link introduce you to the most important equipment, show you the basic preparation techniques and explain the essential ingredients. Grab the shaker yourself and mix classics and your own creations with us. Includes three cocktails and bar snacks.

Gin & tonic workshop

Two ingredients and endless possibilities – the gin & tonic craze is more than just a trend. We invite you to a tasting session! Taste different gins, learn more about the different categories and experiment with herbs and fruits. Our bartenders will be on hand to share their tricks and personal favourites. Choose your individual favourite combination from 25 gins and 4 tonics. Includes a small gin tasting, 2 gin & tonics and bar snacks.

Whisky world tour

Few drinks are as diverse as whisk(e)y. Together with you, we will discover the most important styles of this spirit during a tasting and answer questions such as: What actually is a single malt? How does the smoky flavour get into the whisky? How do you store whiskey in the USA? Finally, you can enjoy your favourite once more in a cocktail. Join us and experience this fascinating spirit! Includes whisky tasting, whisky cocktail and bar snacks.