A completely sustainable cocktail bar is an illusion. If you want to enjoy ice-cold drinks with ingredients from a wide variety of countries all year round, you should be aware of this fact. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to make our operation as sustainable as possible. On the contrary: We take our responsibility seriously and take it as an incentive to constantly get a bit better!

Behind the scenes, a completely digitalized merchandise management and ordering system ensures that paper is almost completely dispensed with. In purchasing, we use seasonal products and large containers whenever we can and reduce waste wherever possible. In our selection of spirits, we increasingly use the sustainable distribution system of EcoSpirits.

Our modern storage system and sophisticated processing methods, such as dehydrating our garnishes, reduce food waste to a minimum. And when your drink is finally in front of you, you’ll notice that you won’t find expendable items like disposable coasters or paper straws. This way, we now save about 500 kg of waste per week compared to similar bars.